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Christmas Greetings, from 1918

A very merry Christmas, from all of us on the ACR team! 

We wanted to share with you this Christ-centred carol written in for the ACR’s Christmas issue in 1918—we are glad to rejoice in the same great news today as they did 100 Christmases ago. 

Here we come a-carolling,
Carolling for joy!
Mary Maid hath born a King
Christ, the heavenly Boy.
Wherefore let creation sing
Hymns of praise to this our King
Who doth grace and pardon bring
Bliss without alloy!

Tears and sighing now may cease
Since dark shadows flee:
Now ensues the reign of peace
(Carol joyfully!)
All the world with praise shall ring
Prophets, saints and angels sing
“Zion, now behold thy King
Cometh unto thee!”

Perfect love, which here is shown
Shall for aye endure:
This world’s prince now finds his throne
Is no more secure
Powers of darkness, make your moan!
God hath made our cause His own
For our sins doth Christ atone,
Liberty is sure!

Christian people, great or small
Be no more downcast:
Let not sin your souls enthral,
We are free at last!
Evil powers no more appal
Wherefore carol, one and all
Christ is with us, fear no fall,
Tyranny is past.

—Oakley Gummer

(Published in the ACR on 20 December 1918)