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Australian Church Record – Issue October 2017

The latest issue of The Australian Church Record, number 1918, October 2017, has been released.

From ‘Faithful Fellowship‘ by Kanishka Raffel

“… General Synod did express its view that the decision of the SEC ‘is contrary to the doctrine of our Church and the teaching of Christ’; expressed support for those ‘who have left or will need to leave the SEC because of its redefinition of marriage, and those who struggle and remain’; and offered prayer that the SEC would reverse its decision, ‘return to the doctrine of Christ’ and that ‘impaired relationship’ with the Anglican Church of Australia would be restored.”


From ‘Hold onto what is good, reject what is evil‘ by Kirsten McKinlay

“Now more than ever we need to be ready to give a reason for the hope that we have—that the truth found in God’s word is not only still applicable and relevant, but also good. I can say from my experience as a former student and wife of a current student that Moore College—this firmly complementarian institution—has been a guiding light in thinking hard about how to deal with the evil of domestic violence in light of God’s good design for men and women.”

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