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Rediscovering Jesus in the Bible – four stories

We continue with our stories of brothers and sisters who have come from a South Asian background, been exposed to God’s word, have turned from darkness to light, and are growing to serve our Lord Jesus more. You can also read the first and second ones in the series.

I had a very elementary understanding about God. I had basic principles taught to me around God the Creator – God was there from the beginning, and he rules. More than anything else, I related to God through prayer in asking God for when I needed something. As I was growing up, the Bible was taught to me as God’s word, filled with these wonderful stories of Jesus, miracles from God, those who gave their witness statements of Jesus, and much more.

I grew up in a Christian household and attended church from a young age. I was spoilt with exposure. However, since a lot of that was routine I became too comfortable with the idea that I knew enough. Leaving home at a young age forced me to get out of that bubble, and with that came a time of exploration and new-found freedom. Initially it felt like I was enjoying living a life away from Jesus, but in times of trouble and difficulty, I would still loosely pray or talk to God for that rescue or relief.

Following conversations with an old friend, I decided to gradually explore church on Sundays. With that came immersing myself into church community and being challenged by God’s word. Before I knew it, I had rediscovered Jesus. However, this time it was more meaningful and there was substance and depth in rekindling my relationship with him. As a result I decided to recommit to following Jesus. The difference now, because of the Bible, was that I knew what that relationship meant to me. That relationship meant salvation and assurance.

In this way, the Bible has been life changing. Understanding the Bible meant more than reading it. It meant I’m endlessly studying it; its context, history, who wrote it, why it was written, and to whom. When I endeavour to understand God’s word, I discover even more of who God is, how the Bible points us to Jesus Christ, and with application, what is required in response. When I go through life, my decision to rely wholly on Christ, trust in the work of the cross, and live a life that’s pleasing to God, is a testament to how the Bible has impacted my faith.