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A View from the Pew: Helping the Church make decisions

Mrs Anna Davidson of St Barnabas’, Fairfield with Bossley Park is new to the synod this year.

  1. Why do you serve on the synod?

This will be my first synod (2023). I was asked to serve and thought I would give it a go! Others encouraged me and said we need to have lay people present who think biblically so that the decisions made will keep the denomination from becoming liberal.

Why do you serve on the synod?

  1. What role do you see lay people having in this ministry? (i.e., How do you believe this ministry serves the Kingdom?)

As well as an opportunity for wider fellowship beyond my local church, I think it will provide accountability within the denomination, especially the leadership. I think the lay people can help the local Christians understand how decisions at a diocesan level are made.

  1. Do you need a specific skillset to serve as a lay representative? (i.e., Do you need formal theological or legal training to be useful?)

I think one needs to be a mature Christian who enjoys reading (lots of synod papers) and can listen well (3-4 hours of synod proceedings!). Also, you need the time to read the material before and during the synod.

  1. Do you have any lessons for new lay representatives?

I am thankful that a video has been produced for new synod members.

  1. How can clergy help foster a desire and vision for lay folk to get involved in governance issues (i.e., Parish Council, Wardens, Synod Reps)?

Feedback from any of these groups regularly is helpful – put in lay language and verbal or written. This will give others an idea of what is involved and why it matters.