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Australian Church Record – Issue April 2014

The latest issue of The Australian Church Record, number 1913, April 2014, has been released.

From ‘Noah Starts a Deluge for Holy-Wood

“Although the brevity of the biblical account requires some creative adaptations to deliver a film-length portrayal, the important details of the Genesis version come through: humanity is wicked—every human being, including Noah; our rebellion against the Creator has ruined the world; God’s judgment is utterly deserved and ought to lead to the total annihilation of the human race; but we survive because of mercy.”

From ‘The Danger of Mission Drift

“The danger of mission drift recently came to the fore on the international stage, with the public flip-flop of the American World Vision organisation concerning same-sex marriage. Only days after announcing the change of policy to hire Christians in homosexual marriages, World Vision reversed their position because they ‘could not defer on things that are central to the faith.’ Of course, the Australian context is very different from that of the United States. But despite the significant hullabaloo, one of the key lessons of the sorry saga has been the danger of public Christianity drifting with the cultural tides of the day.”

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