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Australian Church Record – Issue October 2015

The latest issue of The Australian Church Record, number 1915, October 2015, has been released.

From ‘Mere Protestant Christianity’

“to retrieve the gospel we have to retrieve the church because it is not only an implication of the gospel, but it is also the God-given place where the gospel is grasped, celebrated, understood and enacted … of vital importance for Vanhoozer is the need to retrieve and cherish the Protestant notion of the priesthood of all believers.”

From ‘Responding to the Refugee Crisis’

“…the gospel of Jesus Christ is the gospel of God’s grace and mercy, the gospel of rest for the weary and burdened, the gospel of compassion and love for the lost, the gospel for the lowly and the despised things of this world. That’s why those who have been saved by this gospel cannot help, in their dealings with others, but be shaped by the same mercy and grace that God has shown to us.”

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