ACR Journal

Summer 2019 Journal

Not everything can be said in a short blog piece. This is where The ACR Journal comes in. Some issues are complex and are best dealt with in more detail. In our journal you’ll find lengthy discussions on relevant and current theological matters within evangelicalism.

Evangelism at All Saints’ Church Belfast
Dave Jensen

ACL Dinner Address
Bishop Jay Behan

Before I Forget
Interview with Simon Manchester

The Recruitment Problem
Mike Leite

God’s Word Written: An Anglican Understanding of the Bible
Mark Earngey

Keeping, Growing and Using Your Greek: Tips for Ordinary Pastors
Peter Orr

Evangelism in Sadlier
Dave Morgan

Of Synod, Schools, and Churches
Nathan Walter

With Thanksgiving: Archbishop Glenn Davies
The ACR Editorial Team

Time Limited Tenure for the Archbishop?
Ed Loane

Best for Last
Phil Colgan

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