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The washup from lockdown: What can we pray for churches?

We don’t need to talk to too many church pastors to see that the last two years have been extraordinarily difficult. Of course, there have also been many blessings – and we know that God is always at work for his glory and the good of his people. So as our churches begin their third year under COVID, the ACR thought it would be helpful for us to begin the year by praying for one another.

The Sydney Anglican Diocese is a fellowship of churches partnering together in the gospel for the glory and Kingdom of our great God. There are many ways in which we can and should express this fellowship, and one great way is by praying for one another.

Over the next few weeks, the ACR will be sharing prayer points from various church pastors from within the Sydney Anglican Diocese. Will you join me in praying for these churches? What better way to express our fellowship as churches than by mimicking Paul in his relationship with the Philippian church, always praying with joy for all of you in my every prayer (Phil 1:3-5).

In Christ,
Mike Leite
ACR Editor

Lane Cove Anglican Church

We would love to increase our prayerful dependence on our great God!

Please pray for our kids’ and youth ministries. Our leaders were hit by Covid, so we have had to postpone the start of our Sunday and midweek groups.

Please also pray that we would equip each other for evangelism in our community. 

One last thing – please pray for the many known to us who are suffering from cancer, that those who have a favourable prognosis can use their ‘harm’ for ‘good.’

Thank you,
Darren Waters