Youth & Kids

How to catechise a toddler, and other resources from Moore College

For centuries, Christians have used catechisms to teach the truths of the Scriptures to children. Indeed, in the Anglican Church, one of the biggest responsibilities of the ‘catechist’, often a theological student (what we now tend to call the ‘student minister’) was to catechise the teenagers to get them ready for confirmation.

But we don’t have to wait until they are teenagers! Little ones need to know Jesus’ love for them just as much as the old people do. Moore College student and ACR author Angus Martin has written a catechism – for toddlers. Perhaps there’s a toddler group at your church who would benefit from learning this fun action catechism together. Or parents who are keen to teach their little ones the gospel from the very early years.

In fact, there are lots of resources available on the Moore College website. Take a moment to browse and benefit from the rich work of many in our Diocese.