ACR Journal

Summer 2020 Journal

Not everything can be said in a short blog piece. This is where The ACR Journal comes in. Some issues are complex and are best dealt with in more detail. In our journal you’ll find lengthy discussions on relevant and current theological matters within evangelicalism.

GAFCON Australasia 2021: More Than a Giant Selfie
Jodie McNeill

Corrimal, Covid, and Christ
Dave Esdale

Losing Community and Gaining Opportunity
Michael Figueira

‘Anthem for Christmas Day’

A Theological Account of Blessing
David Höhne

Why Do We Say Things Together in Church?
Andrew Errington

Lady Jane Grey: A Firm Faith
Mark Earngey

Are We Antinomian?
Mike Leite

‘My Heart is Woe’

The Best Advent Devotional I Have Read
Kirsten McKinlay

Communicating Christmas
Kylie Yip

‘A Carol for Christmas Day’

A Short History of Christian Marriage
Mark Earngey

The Sign of the Cross in Baptism
Broughton Knox

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