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The ACR (Version 4.1)

Welcome to the new website! Since 1880 The ACR has communicated with its readers via a newspaper, or newspaper-like, medium. With over 2300 issues produced, The ACR has a rich history on paper – a history we now continue online. Not only do we have a new website, we’ve also restructured how our publications fit together. So here’s what’s new from The ACR:

The ACR Online

The ACR Online is the new blog of The ACR. Here you’ll find a regular stream of short, sharp articles by an array of writers. These articles will cover a variety of topics and issues, each aiming to leave you more convicted of the gospel, keener to serve Christ and more confident on how to do so.  In many ways these articles will not be too different from the encouraging and thought-provoking pieces previously found in our newspapers. They will just be more regular!

The ACR Journal

Of course, not everything can be said in a short blog piece. This is where The ACR Journal comes in. Some issues are complex and are best dealt with in more detail. In our journal you’ll find lengthy discussions on relevant and current theological matters within evangelicalism. The ACR Journal will also be used to help inform and educate Sydney Synod members on upcoming Synod meetings.

The ACR Archives

One of the most exciting components of our new website is The ACR Archives. With over 135 years of publication, The ACR has a rich heritage and is an invaluable historical resource. With more than 2300 issues there is a wealth of historical material, such as ordination lists, parish information, and Anglican news, along with thousands of theological articles written by the likes of D. B. Knox, T. C. Hammond, Donald Robinson, Leon Morris, J. I. Packer, Marcus Loane, Graeme Goldsworthy, John Chapman, and many more. We will also be re-releasing many of these articles through The ACR Online via the ‘From the vault’ segment.

In light of these changes, here’s what’s stayed the same: The ACR continues to exist to preserve and strengthen biblical evangelicalism within the Anglican Diocese of Sydney and beyond. From its very conception in 1880, the purposes and objects of The ACR (then known as ‘The Church of England Record’) aimed to help the Church ‘hold the Christian faith with a firm and unwavering confidence’.[i] In the 21st century, while the way we communicate may have changed, our raison d’être has not. In person, on paper, or online, to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints is a task that will continue until the Lord Jesus returns.

To help celebrate the launch of our new website, over the next week The ACR Online will re-release three of the founding articles which display both our heritage and our purpose as a publication (hence The ACR Version 4.1!). So, to all our readers – thank you for your support! We pray that you will find these changes encouraging to your faith and edifying to your ministry.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you

[i] ‘Our Object and Our Purpose’, The Church of England Record, Vol. I No. 1, Thursday July 1st 1880

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