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When nothing will stand still #4: Reflections on Hebrews 12

Over the last months, Emma shared how she was feeling when life suddenly changed with Covid-19, and her plan to go back to a familiar passage. Here is the next episode…

#4: Hebrews 12:4

In your struggle against sin you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood.


I find these verses surprising! The Hebrew believers had suffered some terrible circumstances in their lives, yet the concern of the writer is not their circumstance but their attitude to sin in the midst of it. As we ‘consider Jesus’, we are reminded that his struggle against sin – our sin – went all the way to the shedding of blood. Irrespective of circumstance, how seriously do we approach resisting the temptation to sin? At the moment, it’s easier for me to worry that I don’t have control over the future and be impatient with my family, than it is to trust God with next month and next year and be gracious with those around me. Yet, Jesus shed his blood to deal with my desire for control and my short temper. I am reminded that resisting sin is actually today’s priority whether my circumstances are as I would like them to be or otherwise.