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Australian Church Record – Issue December 2009

The Australian Church Record, number 1898, December 2009, has been released.

International Men’s Day probably went unnoticed by most people—just like a social problem that has been overlooked, or ignored, or deliberately suppressed for far too long, by both secular and Christian segments of society.

19 November 2009 saw the quiet launch of the ‘One in Three Campaign’ (, which aims to help many silent victims: men who are the victims of domestic abuse. The founders include Maggie Hamilton, author of What Men Don’t Talk About, Dr Elizabeth Celi, author of Regular Joe vs Mr Invincible, and Steve Biddulph, author of Manhood. Biddulph writes, “With family violence, we had to address ‘women and children first’; but in 2009, the troubling nub of violence is in families where both partners are violent, as well as those most hidden, where women hit men. Today nobody approves of or accepts wife bashing. Husband bashing needs this same condemnation and action.”

The website provides news stories of male victims of domestic abuse, the facility for these victims to tell their story and to find resources for assistance, as well as opportunity for supporters of the campaign to take some action. Men’s rights groups have been trying to make their voices heard for almost two decades to protest misinformation about domestic violence disseminated by the slanted politics surrounding the issue.

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