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Australian Church Record – Issue October 2009

The Australian Church Record, number 1897, October 2009, has been released.

No one can be in any doubt that the impact of the Global Financial Crisis upon the Diocesan coffers necessitates focused spending according to clear priorities. On 21st October Sydney Synod will have the opportunity to discuss the Strategic Directions 2010-2012 paper, before dealing with the bill for the Synod Appropriations and Allocations Ordinance 2009.

The recommendations of Strategic Directions are unambiguous: ‘in the changed conditions, central funding must consolidate around Policy 3, and local projects will need to be funded through local fundraising’. It sensibly allows the response to the crisis of the moment to be governed by what is important for the future. The recruiting and training of gospel workers (in all their variety) ‘is the best strategic use of central funds for church growth in the long term’. It commends Youthworks Year 13 programme as a means of motivating young people into ministry, and the particular importance of Moore College is reflected in the bill’s recommendation that ‘Synod provide as much funding as possible for Moore Theological College’.

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