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My Greatest Recommendations for Kids – Found: Psalm 23

From the people behind The Jesus Storybook Bible has come Found, a wonderful rendering of Psalm 23 for small children. With the same beautiful text set into reimagined and heartfelt illustrations, this lovely little book is packed full of biblical goodness in a format that appeals to even the smallest of readers.

Author Sally Lloyd-Jones has a beautiful gift in taking the deep truths of the psalmist and translating them into language that communicates to young children and adults alike. The simple yet profound words point to a kind, compassionate and never-failing God, one who knows them, loves them and will protect them, even through the “dark, scary, lonely places”.

For this reason, I have found it to be a particularly helpful resource in my work as a chaplain in a children’s hospital. I have had numerous conversations with parents, many of whom are from nominal Christian or non-believing backgrounds, where they have spoken about the comfort this book has brought in the darkest of times. As they have found themselves in situations where things feel uncertain and out of control, the simple truths within the pages of Found are a reminder that God is with us—that there are no safer arms to be in than those of the Good Shepherd who loves with a “never stopping, never giving up, unbreaking, always and forever love”.

I have given this book to many families but I think it has been particularly significant for those with children in palliative care. I remember one mother in particular who was waiting for her child to be transferred to a hospice. We had prayed earlier that day but I returned in the afternoon with the intention of giving her a copy of Found. When I arrived, she was cuddling her little one with her Bible open on her lap to her favourite passage: Psalm 23. In what felt like a wonderful act of God’s perfect timing, I was able to give her the copy of Found, and together, with streams of tears, we read aloud to her precious child. We got to the page that said, “I won’t be afraid. Because my Shepherd knows where I am. He is here with me.” She gasped and pointed at the picture of the Shepherd running towards the little lamb. “Look at his face!”, she said. “Such love and concern.” When we finished reading, she told me that she was so thankful that she would be able to read this book with her other children in the weeks and months to come, to remind them that the littlest member of their family was safe in the arms of the Good Shepherd.

This book has ministered so well to so many in the hospital that I decided to contact Sally Lloyd-Jones to thank her. After explaining the context in which we distribute them, I finished with these words: “I’m not sure you imagined that your book might end up in these kinds of situations but I’m very thankful that we can make them available. They have made God’s truth accessible to people who might not otherwise have come across it and for that, I’m very grateful.”